BAM48008 1/48 Early Rafale A upgrade set instructions

First, remove most of the kit’s rear face: you don’t need the kit positioning logs as the nozzles will seat flush with the fuselage – no need for additional guidance, plus they come in the way of the resin parts!

Then, prepare the exhausts:

  • Prime to remove any sign of 3D-printing and support paint adhesion
  • Paint each part individually using your documentation
  • Assemble using the guides on the parts to ensure correct alignement.

Decal instructions

Three options are provided, only differing by the number of flights performed at the time. Note that the left side of the vertical stabilizer is in english (“43x Flights”) whereas the right side is in French (“43x Vols”). The “AMD-BA” markings can be found in the kit decals.

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