BAM48002 Rafale update set instructions

Note that the remaining frame contains engraved information on which parts are what.

RAM Panels B/C and M versions

CAUTION: The Rafale M aft RAM panels have a small partial cut to better conform to the fuselage shape: be very careful when taking these parts off the backing sheet as you would break them otherwise!

Side grills

In order to improve the grills located on either side of the fuselage you need to

  • Fill the existing grills
  • Position the jigs as shown below – the arrow engraved on each jig shows the upper forward corner where the jig needs to be aligned with the kit’s engraved panel
  • Drill and file the shape as shown by the jig
  • Insert the grill resin part on the inside – make sure you don’t remove the casting plug as it is precisely sized to make the grill flush with the fuselage!
  • Stick the surrounding plate, you’re done!

F3/F3R VHF antenna


  • The HUD is provided as a vacuum formed part, both plain clear and clear green to give the modeller options.
  • Either way, the first thing to do is to cut the top, side and diagonal flash.
  • Then, paint in a shade of green of your choice if you want
  • Dip in Future or a clear gloss varnish of your choice and let cure
  • Cut the bottom part of the flash and glue in position using PVA glue


Same procedure on both sides of the vertical fin

Flare launchers