BAM48013 MQ-9 Reaper Landing Gear Bay instructions

1/ Lower fuselage preparation – cutting and drilling

Landing gear bay outline

First, position the vinyl cutting guide on the lower fuselage. Note that the circles marking the aft ports position should be applied too, as will become clear later in the instructions

Second, cut out everything inside the cutting guide so that you get the correct landing gear bay outline.

Third, remove the stiffening ribs inside the lower fuselage as these would interfere with the resin insert. The insert will provide all the required stiffness anyway.

Refuelling ports

With a needle mark the position of the small hole located at the center of each port circle

Remove the vinyl circle on either port to clear the way for the drill bit (keep the large vinyl part for now, it will help you make sure your holes are OK)

Drill a 1.5mm hole on the starboard (right) position and a 3mm hole in the port (left) position. These holes should match the circle outlined in the cutting guide


2/ Inserts

Paint the lower and upper fuselage interal areas and the resin insert in dark grey, apply a light white drybrush to the insert to highlight the structrural details

Glue the insert in position (drop-fit, fool-proof assembly!)

Insert the resin ports, making sure the round end of the support is facing downward and the flat end of the support faces upward, parallel to the upper/lower fuselage matching line – see picture above

You are done – please resume assembly sequence as per the kit’s intructions