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(Photo courtesy of MINDEF SINGAPORE)
1/48 F-15SG conversion set BAM48011

Comprehensive set to convert the GWH, Revell-Monogram and Academy sets into the Singaporian Strike Eagle

(Official U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Lee Osberry/Released)
1/48 Tail art masks for F-16C/D Barak BAM48010

Simple masking sets which make sure the tail art matches exactly the camouflage sand colour, which is very difficult to obtain with decals

(C) Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace
1/48 Seamless intakes for Rafale A BAM48009

Drop-fit intakes for the Heller Rafale A prototype, correcting the kit’s lack ok intakes and lack of fit

1/48 F-404 exhausts for Early Rafale A BAM48008

3-D printed parts and decal sheet for the early (2x F404-powered) Rafale A prototype – Designed for the Heller kit

1/48 M88-2 exhausts for Rafale B/C/M BAM48007

3D-printed parts to enhance your Revell/Hobby Boss kit

1/48 Late Rafale A conversion set BAM48006

Conversion set to make the Rafale A with two different engines: SNECMA M88-2 on the left + GE F404 on the right – decals included for two schemes – Designed for the Heller kit

1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 exhausts

Detailed Eurofighter exhausts

1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 auxiliary exhausts

Wing root APU and tail exhausts

1/48 AM39 Exocet pylon for Rafale M

Pylon for the AM39 (Air-Mer 39) Exocet anti-ship missile mounted on the Rafale M (or Greek Rafale B/C?)

1/48 Rafale upgrade set

A comprehensive set to detail the Revell/Hobby Boss Rafale kits and upgrading them to F3/F3R standard

1/48 Rafale intakes

A set of seamless drop-fit Rafale intakes for the Revell kit, complete with internal (Auxiliary intakes and RAM panels) and external detail