Instructions for BAM48024 F-15 STOL/MTD conversion set for Hasegawa F-15D/DJ

These instructions are laid out along what we consider the most efficient/logical construction flow, your approach may differ

General instructions

  • For the rear instrument panel, use the kit updated part E3

Fuselage cut

The fuselage needs cutting at several places as shown below:

  • At the rear of the top and bottom fuselages for the tail booms and the 2D vectoring nozzles
  • In the middle of the upper fuselage for the early spine
  • At the front of the upper and lower fuselages for the canard shoulders

The rectangular openings should also be closed off using plastic card and/or putty (see “Canard actuators” in the picture below)

2D Vectoring nozzles

To insert the vectoring plates, start with the internal plates. Insert them in the nozzle along the middle place and locate them positively on the locating pins:

Finally, add the external vectoring plates as shown below:

For extra detail you can add a piece of 0.4mm rod between the hole in the body and the external vectoring plate protruding log as shown below (4 rods per nozzle) – see reference picture below:

Once completed the nozzles are identical and can go on either side (i.e., there is no left/right nozzle). However they do have an orientation:

2D nozzles fairings

The logic to place the nozzles fairings is as follows:

  • The face sporting a letter should be horizontal (i.e., facing either upwards or downwards), never sideways
  • If the letter is an “i” the part goes between the engines (“i” stands for “internal”), if it is a “E” the part goes on the sides (“E” stands for “external”)
  • If there is a square next to the letter it goes on the bottom fuselage, if not it goes on the top fuselage