Instructions for BAM48028 QF-4E conversion set for ZM Late F-4E

These instructions are laid out along what we consider the most efficient/logical construction flow, your approach may differ

In case of warped parts, please see our straightening methods here

Under bulge

  • Simply glue the under bulge in the left hand side Sparrow forward recessed rail as shown in the picture below (dry fit example, with glue this looks much, much better!)

Self-destruct box area

Glue the box on the existing panel on the left hand intake

Attach the sticker aft of the box as shown below (orange example to increase contrast). If you want you can drill a small hole where the small window is, and fill with clear UV resin so that when the sticker is applied it really looks like a window

Aft starboard reinforcing panel

Apply sticker in place as shown below (orange example to increase contrast)

Wing antennae

Cut out a small rectangle in the wing tips as shown on the picture below

Insert the antenna support

Insert a 5mm long, 0.5mm diameter rod in the hole to simulate the antenna itself

Vertical stabilizer tip

Simply replace the kit part with the resin part, and add:

  • The green disc on top (the disc is green so it does not get easily lost, it should get painted like the rest of the kit!)
  • A 5mm long, 0.5mm diameter rod in the hole at the rear of the part to simulate the antenna as shown on this picture