Instructions for BAM48032 SR-71 LASRE conversion set for Revell

These instructions are laid out along what we consider the most efficient/logical construction flow, your approach may differ

In case of warped parts, please see our straightening methods here

Fuselage preparation

  • Drill two 2mm diameter holes as shown on the pictures below:


Assemble the front and back parts of the canoe and putty as required. Note that the seam will be almost totally hidden by the kayak

Then, add 15 thin wires in the locating holes (drill the holes further if necessary)

Fix the canoe on the SR-71 spine, putty the interface if necessary

Paint in black

Use the provided Kabuki masks to paint the white background for the NASA logo


First, remove the pouring stub if it’s still there (only very early production parts still have it)

Then, sand down the edges if necessary, with an angle to maintain a reasonable thickness for the overall plate yet give the impression thin edges.

Add 6mm-long wires like on the canoe, using the holes all over the part to locate the wires root

Paint the part in black

Mask the rear upper area (diamond shaped) and paint it gray

Paint the Linear Aerospike exhaust marks, using paper masks (pre-cut masks are provided with the first production run), as follows:

  1. Mask 1 – Sand
  2. Mask 2 – Dark grey
  3. Mask 3 – Light grey
  4. Mask 4 – NATO black
  5. Mask 5 – Sand
Illustrative painting test

X-33 scale model

Remove the outer protective cage with cutting pliers and the base platform with a fine saw

Sand down the remaining supports, taking care not to damage the two positioning logs!

Paint the part using common online pictures as reference (ie mostly white, with some brass on the engine outer plates)

Apply the provided decals, please note that they must be cut out individually, they all share the same carrier film!

Fix the X-33 scale model on the Kayak, and then the whole subassembly on the Canoe


Fix the two pitots (painted in Steel), one on the canoe and on on top of the X-33 scale model

Fix the canoe exhaust tube (painted in Aluminium) in position on the left aft part of the canoe

Vertical stabilizer fairings

There is a fairing on the portside (left) of each vertical stab root. It is on the left side of BOTH stabs, so external on the left stab and internal on the right stab

  1. Place the positionning guide as shown on the picture, along the top edge of the kit part, top left corner on top left corner
  2. Glue the resin part in place