Instructions for BAM48033 AH-64D/E Late exhausts for Hasegawa

These instructions are laid out along what we consider the most efficient/logical construction flow, your approach may differ

In case of warped parts, please see our straightening methods here

Kit parts preparation

  • Glue together parts C1/C19 and C2/C20
  • Cut them using a fine saw along the aft panel line:

Prepare the parts

Cut off the shells supports but not totally (see below)

Paint the inner pipes in steel color and weather them

Paint the external shells in the aircraft colour, especially the inner faces

Assemble pipes and shells

Assemble the pipes in the shells, making sure the pipes rest securely inside the shells

Sand down the rest of the shells support so that the shells are flush with the pipes rear plate

Assemble this subassembly with the kit engine nacelles

Finally, assemble the scoops under the nacelles